Our Services


We tailor make our services to suit each individual client so that we can accommodate their financial limitations and those of their sponsors, often being their parents. Some of the services we provide include the following:

Career Guidance and Counselling

Examination Preparation and Coaching

Enrollment assistance to universities/ higher learning institutions

Assistance with Visa applications

Obtaining accommodation

Logistic arrangements

Why us?

The process of applying to universities and higher learning institutions can be strenuous and is becoming progressively more challenging and time-consuming with each passing year, as a direct result of the fact that institutions are continually imposing new admission rules and prerequisites. It is imperative that your children differentiate themselves from the hundreds of other applicants who are just as brilliant as your child in order for them to have a chance of being admitted into the best colleges and universities. According to our findings from previous experiences, it takes the average student more than 48 hours to finish the application process. Do you feel like you have enough time to effectively guide and counsel your child through the admissions process while also providing them with accurate insights? Did you know that a single missed deadline or the submission of an application that does not meet the requirements might cause your child's entry to be delayed by an entire academic year? With regard to the application procedure for academic programs and institutions all around the world, EduPlus International helps both local and foreign students. As a result, we are devoted to providing students with academic alternatives that are really the best match for them.